A space-saving wardrobe from IDAW offers the optimal solution option for small spaces. Everybody deserves the comfort. Everything is guaranteed to fit in here! Why are the wardrobes from IDAW particularly space-saving? You can find out here.


Make optimal use of available space. You can order the space-saving wardrobes from IDAW exactly on measure and therefore make optimal use of every free centimetre. Width, depth and height are precisely configurable. You only have half a meter of space, but crazy high ceilings? We have solution, starting from a cabinet width of 48 cm. The corridor or the niche are very narrow? This is also not a problem, because the wardrobe from IDAW are also available in shallow depths. By the way, we can also produce the dimensions even less than specified in the configurator. We also offer solutions for sloping ceilings and special sizes. Just contact us by email. The space-saving wardrobes from IDAW fit in almost all small niches.

  • Customizable width, height and depth
  • Even small widths and depths in the configuration
  • Special sizes and very shallow depths available on request
  • Solutions for sloping ceilings


A special feature of the space-saving wardrobes from IDAW is the extraordinary cabinet height.
The height can be freely selected up to a maximum of 294 cm.
We also offer solutions for rooms with even higher ceilings: in this case contact us by email.
So you can plan the wardrobes up to the ceiling.
A wardrobe that uses this space optimally is made for you.
So you get a lot of storage space in the wardrobe, but use comparatively little space in the room.
Use the top compartments to store things or clothes that you don’t need as often. Alternatively, you can also use the manual pull-down wardrobe rod ordered with which you can easily reach hanging clothes high up in the space-saving wardrobe. With a small footprint, you are given optimal storage space.

  • Free choice of height up to 294 cm can be planned in the configurator (here)
  • Optional manual pull-down wardrobe rod


The design justifies a real innovation in every aspect. The subjects can be freely configured as required. Plan exactly the height per compartment that you need. So you can use a maximum of shelves and don’t waste any inch. This way you are guaranteed to always have enough space.

Two adjustable clothes rods and a shelf are included per module. Additional drawers can be ordered for a small supplement charge. The entire wardrobe fits perfectly without taking up much space.

  • Plan shelves as desired
  • Order additional compartments and drawers for a small supplement charge
  • A clothes rods and a shelf are included per wardrobe module


We plan an optimal number of doors for your desired width. The wing doors take up little space when opened. In addition, you can always conveniently get all your clothes. Are you thinking about sliding doors? Here you can read the comparison to wing doors.

In addition to the standard door handle, not only in chrome, we offer three kinds of integrated handles. Our best seller is integrated type of wardrobe which is a milled recess is sunk into the door and thus forms the handle recessed into the cupboard door. This can be very practical, especially in narrow aisles, because you can’t bump into it and don’t get caught on it. The integrated handle also looks very chic. Moreover we have the different types of integrated handles as an individual handle which is also integrated in the structure of the door. Handle R and S1 you can lacquered also in different colours than the wardrobe! Check them out!

  • Double doors for easy, direct access to clothing across the entire width of the cabinet
  • A large choice of integrated handle as the solution for space-saving: Individual handles like handle R or S1 or integrated type pf the wardrobe


All our wardrobes from IDAW proves absolute stability. The thickness of the side panels is a full 25 mm and that of the standard shelves even 35 mm. There is guaranteed nothing to break, even if you bump into it in a small room. Even books and other heavy objects can easily be stored on them. Among other things, the ABS edges bands guarantee the first-class quality, which with two millimetres cannot be compared with simple gluing. Even after years of intensive use, such a cabinet still looks like new.

A dampened cotton cloth is sufficient for cleaning both outside and inside. All it takes is a swipe, and such a wardrobe shines again in new shine.

  • Side parts: 25 mm, shelves: 35 mm thick
  • ABS-made edges with a thickness of 2 mm
  • Easy cleaning with cotton cloth


The structure is easy and simple to built by your own. You need little space to set up. If the cabinet is pushed into a niche, the niche only needs to be approx. 3 cm larger so that the cabinet can be easily pushed in. Take a look at our construction video! Of course, our assembly service can also be booked.

  • Easy to set up on your own
  • The assembly service can be booked on request


Design meets function aesthetics. IDAW impresses both visually and functionally. As made for you, the space-saving wardrobe adapts perfectly to you. The relationship between price and efficiency is right in every case. There is no better solution for small spaces.