Assembly instructions: Glass-closet

Please take the time to read the instructions. Please do not just proceed by looking at the pictures alone! It is noticeable to you when you set it up. Thank you 🙂

First, please watch carefully the video of the assembly at this link.

For practical and safety reasons, please note the following:
It will be necessary to pay maximum attention to the various assembly phases, carrying out the necessary operations only in completely safe conditions to avoid damage to people or things. The components of our wardrobes have large dimensions and a significant weight, and consequently assembly can be extremely complicated or even not possible for some people. In any case, assembly cannot be carried out by a single person.
IDAW cannot be held responsible for any damage caused after delivery or during assembly. Once the goods have been unloaded and received, their care is responsibility of the customer. Before proceeding with the installation, it will be the customer`s duty to collect all useful information for assembly using the videos and assembly instructions provided by IDAW. We also remind you that during the installation phase all the regulations in force for the respective countries in terms of safety must be respected. It will therefore be necessary to use all the necessary personal protective equipment in order to guarantee a safe assembly. Before proceeding with assembly, the customer must also check that all the components necessary for assembly are present and that the items are correct in order to proceed with the various assembly phases without interruptions. If the customer identifies any missing items (e.g. hardware components), he/she can send an email to in order to request the items in question which will be supplied as quickly as possible.
Any unauthorized modification made to the wardrobe structure and its components or any improper use of the product will automatically void the product warranty as our cabinets must be installed following the instructions provided and respecting their normal working and use. IDAW cannot be held responsible for damages deriving from improper use or modifications made to the product.

The drawer boxes (with 2 or 3 drawers), the chest of drawers, the bedside table and the 7-drawers chest of drawers are delivered to the customer already assembled. The customer must not disassemble the drawers in any way, but will simply have to follow the assembly instructions; otherwise, the warranty on the article will be lost. If the customer needs to disassemble the drawers, it will be necessary to contact us by email at, explaining the reason of such need and waiting for the instructions of our team on how to proceed.

Please open the packages in the order listed. This will help you to avoid assembly difficulties!
When opening the package of metal parts, small parts and fittings, please ensure that no part is lost, since the parts are counted exactly and are only available in the number required for assembly.

If you also ordered clothes rails with integrated LED light, please note the following before setting up:

Please note that there must be some space available for the transformer of the LED systems!
Mount the transformer on the wardrobe top cover: However, this is possible only if, in addition to the centimeter required for the assembly, there is about another 3 cm of space up to the ceiling.
IMPORTANT: If a clothes rail with integrated LED light has to be installed under the shelf with integrated LED light, please do so:
The power supply cable of the clothes rail with integrated LED light runs through the same channel that is used for the shelf (that means along the side of the shelf); then, it runs through the hole on the back to get behind the wardrobe.

— 1 —

Unpack the outer side panel of the wardrobe the right or left. Attention, these are not identical! First attach the leveling feet to the first left outer side panel only on the side facing the inside of the wardrobe (i.e. on the right side). Mount the leveling feet as shown in the photo (right side). (video)

IMPORTANT: Glue ordinary furniture felts (not included) to the bottom of the leveling feet to avoid the wardrobe from scratching the floor when it is moved.

Screw the four pins (see photo below) into the indicated holes. First screw the pins all the way in and then turn them back a little until the two holes are positioned vertically. Please proceed precisely to ensure that they can be connected easily later.

— 2 —

Unpack the base and the top cover. Check whether the widths of base and cover are correct for the respective module.

— 3 —

Insert the metal components into the holes shown below. Pay attention to the correct positioning so that the pins can be inserted later (in the base and top cover of the wardrobe).

— 4 —

Put in the base and the left outer side panel together and tighten the screw shown below. (video)

If you have difficulty assembling the side panel with the base, look carefully at this video.

— 5 —

Unpack the back side of the wardrobe and select the right one with the appropriate width for the respective module. (video)

— 6 —

If you have ordered a clothes rail with integrated LED light for the top cover:
Drill two side holes in the top cover, so that the cables of the clothes rail can pass through it (see the video).

After having made the holes, pass the cable through the hole and attach the clothes rail with the provided screws (see the photo).

To make things easier, we advice to attach it manually at first. Once you have placed the screws correctly, screw the clothes rail with a screwdriver.

Be careful with the next step! Please do it in two in any case! (video)
Put on the top cover element with the help of a ladder. Insert the back side of the wardrobe and the top cover into the milled groove and then slide the top cover to the left up to the left side of the cupboard until the pins enter the holes. Now insert and tighten the screws. Attention: If the cover cannot be pushed in, check whether both the holes and the pins are correctly positioned as described above. If necessary, first remove the cover and correct the position of the holes and pins. See also our montage film.

— 7 —

Now unpack the side dividing panel of the wardrobe, assemble the two cupboard feet (don’t forget the furniture felts) and screw in the pins on both sides. Pay attention to the correct position of the pins and the holes.

Proceed in the same way with all wardrobe side dividing panels up to the last right outer side panel on the right-hand side of the wardrobe, where pins and leveling feet are mounted on the left-hand side (towards the inside of the wardrobe).

— 8 —

Now unpack the first door in the appropriate width.
Place the door correctly. (video)

— 9 —

Assemble all accessories. Make sure that the drawers and the shelves are not installed where the hinges of the doors are attached. To determine the position of the hinges, one of the doors has to be already installed.

— 10 —

If you have ordered a drawer element, the instructions follow here.
The drawer module for installation inside the wardrobe is almost completely assembled. Only a few steps are required (watch the video).

— 11 —

The shelves are mounted with the screws shown in the photo. The shelf clicks into place and is thus firmly stabilized. (video)

For the shelves with integrated LED light, screw first the shelf supports at the desidered position (see the video).

Use a pencil and a measuring device to mark the height of the shelf holder on the back of the wardrobe. After highlighting the point, drill a small hole in the back of the wardrobe to route the LED power cable as shown in the video.

IMPORTANT: If a clothes rail with integrated LED light has to be installed under the shelf with integrated LED light, please do so:
The power supply cable of the clothes rail with integrated LED light runs through the same channel that is used for the shelf (that means along the side of the shelf); then, it runs through the hole on the back to get behind the wardrobe.