Our extras and accessories complement your wardrobe perfectly. You choose them, matched to each other, and you can easily order them with your closet.

These are practical helpers that round off our program and complete your IDAW wardrobe: whether shirts or trousers, any clothing, laundry, belts and scarves; everything can be organized in a well-structured manner. This ensures a perfect overview and quick access is guaranteed.

Not only for bedroom or wardrobes: Many of our useful helpers are also useful for wardrobes or office closets …



Our bedroom wardrobe is a custom-made wardrobe in the height of almost 3 meters (2.94 cm). Order our wardrobe 1 centimetre lower than the room height to set it up perfectly (and if you like, we will tell you how to close the gap of this remaining centimetre). In addition, we can answer all these questions through our sophisticated cupboard systems. For a niche wardrobe, all required widths are available, thanks to our extensive modular options and closing side panels in sizes as required. We propose a maximum of 5 cm and a minimum of 2 cm per side, in order to achieve an optimal balance between easy assembly and perfect aesthetics.

In the case of a freestanding wardrobe made on measure you can choose with IDAW from 65 different cabinet widths between 48 cm and more than 5 meters. Surely you will find a wardrobe that fits in size to put it next to the door and near the light switch.

Regarding the depth of a wardrobe we propose two standard depths: 61 cm and 45 cm. The perfect bedroom cupboard solution is the depth 61 cm (or never less than 52 cm inside) to have enough room to comfortably hang your clothes. With this depth you can also use spacious interior drawers and pull-out elements such as trouser rack or belt & tie drawer that optimize the perfect use of your wardrobe. Of course you can also put folded clothes on the shelves.

Use our online configurator now to design your new cabinet to measure!


Beautify your wardrobe with a bookcase or space for decoration – or treat yourself to the luxury of a built-in TV.

In a bedroom we usually have quite large wardrobe. Often it is placed in front of the bed. Would you like to integrate the wardrobe with TV? Here you will find the IDAW proposal for a bedroom cabinet with a TV.

Another idea is, especially for books collectors, bookworms and lovers of decorative objects, to loosen up a wall unit with open areas or to integrate bookcases in the wall unit.

A free-standing wardrobe made on measure can be complemented by a closing bookshelf on the side, which enhances the side of the wardrobe and makes it useful and practical.

There are many other colours besides the glossy white wardrobe!

The best-selling colour for a bedroom wardrobe is glossy white. We are convinced there are also other colours, which goes perfectly with your bedroom, whether glossy or matt. Some colours like white and ivory are shades that – regardless of which other element of the room, such as the floor or wall colour – always match. Take your time, you will surely come up with other colour solutions that literally decorate, beautify, brighten, enlarge or make the ambience softer or more interesting. What is unique is that with IDAW we offer all colours from basic palette RAL at the same price. Other colours from NCS or Farrow & Ball or even from your personal sample we extra charge.

A mirror wardrobe also serves to optically enlarge a room. You can also have individual doors mirrored and combine with the cabinet in your desired colour. Instead, we also offer mirrors that are installed on the inside of one or two doors of your closet (150 x 30 cm, price 48, – Euro). And with a surcharge of EUR 100, you can also have your cabinet doors with special hinges that can be opened 180 degrees so that – depending on the room situation – they can be folded down completely if necessary.

What is better … drawers inside the wardrobe or the chest of drawers

The drawers are generally useful and perfect for keeping your underwear and stockings in order, and we are often asked whether it is better to place internal drawers in the wardrobe or one or two dressers in the room separately. We suggest that it all depends on the size of the room. If the room is small, it is usually better to use the drawers in the wardrobe. On the other hand, if the room is large and spacious, a chest of drawers is the most practical solution because it allows direct access without opening the wardrobe doors beforehand. At IDAW we offer various chest models. These include chests of drawers with 6 to 7 drawers, which are taller and narrower than the classic versions and this allows you to separate the lingerie better and have them more clearly at handy.

Use our online configurator now to design your new cabinet to measure!