„I personally like cycling because it’s a special sport. Nobody loses in cycling, everyone wins in their own way:
– those who improve,
– those who discover that they can overcome a summit in less time than last year,
– those who cry because they are at the top,
– those who laugh at a joke from their training partner,
– those who never get tired,
– those who clench their teeth,
– those who don’t give up
– those who never lose heart,
– those who never feel alone.

We are all family, nobody will be forgotten. Whoever greets you when you climb the summit, even if it is the first time you see him or her, encourages you not to give up and tells you that you made it right away. It’s all cycling for me. “

MARCO PANTANI, Italian cyclist

IDAW has chosen to sponsor this sport to give back at least a little bit to the community we live in. Some of the athletes we support are people who work every day in our company so that IDAW can offer beautiful, high quality and competitively priced cabinets.

Sport, every sport, makes us stronger, healthier, friendlier to others and to ourselves.

Life is a rocky road for most people. Reaching the top in life as in sport, out of breath and with a pounding heart, makes life meaningful.
We feel alive and recognize the love of life in the challenge we put ourselves.