Instructions for the assembly of the struts walk-in closet (type B)

Please take the time to carefully watch the video and read the instructions. Please do not just proceed by looking at the pictures alone! It is noticeable to you when you set it up. Thank you 🙂

For practical and safety reasons, please note the following:
It will be necessary to pay maximum attention to the various assembly phases, carrying out the necessary operations only in completely safe conditions to avoid damage to people or things. The components of our wardrobes have large dimensions and a significant weight, and consequently assembly can be extremely complicated or even not possible for some people. In any case, assembly cannot be carried out by a single person.
IDAW cannot be held responsible for any damage caused after delivery or during assembly. Once the goods have been unloaded and received, their care is responsibility of the customer. Before proceeding with the installation, it will be the customer`s duty to collect all useful information for assembly using the videos and assembly instructions provided by IDAW. We also remind you that during the installation phase all the regulations in force for the respective countries in terms of safety must be respected. It will therefore be necessary to use all the necessary personal protective equipment in order to guarantee a safe assembly. Before proceeding with assembly, the customer must also check that all the components necessary for assembly are present and that the items are correct in order to proceed with the various assembly phases without interruptions. If the customer identifies any missing items (e.g. hardware components), he/she can send an email to in order to request the items in question which will be supplied as quickly as possible.
Any unauthorized modification made to the wardrobe structure and its components or any improper use of the product will automatically void the product warranty as our cabinets must be installed following the instructions provided and respecting their normal working and use. IDAW cannot be held responsible for damages deriving from improper use or modifications made to the product.

The drawer boxes (with 2 or 3 drawers), the chest of drawers, the bedside table and the 7-drawers chest of drawers are delivered to the customer already assembled. The customer must not disassemble the drawers in any way, but will simply have to follow the assembly instructions.

1) First, assemble the components of the strut together and screw them together. Hook the horizontal piece to the vertical bar and screw as shown in the video.

2) In case of a vertical LED bar, proceed as follows:
Hook the bar to the strut and insert it into the appropriate groove by lightly tapping with a hammer. (see video)

3) To mount the strut to the wall:
Making sure the strut is straight, mark with a pencil on the wall the point where the plate will be attached. For this step, use a spirit level as shown in the video.
Then screw the plate to the wall, hook the strut and screw it with an Hex (Allen) key.
Adjust the adjusting foot until the strut is aligned (as shown in the video).
Take the measure of the first shelf, and mark the distance on the wall.
Attention: The width of the shelf corresponds to the distance between strut and strut, not to that between the two plates.
Now assemble the other struts as well, paying attention to the width of each single shelf.

4) To assemble the shelves::
Screw together the various components of the shelf support (as seen in the video).

Screw the support to the strut with the screws provided. Proceed in the same way for the other shelf support.
Lay the shelf on the supports. You can decide whether to place it with the supports in the center or to lean it against the wall.
First check that the shelf is straight using a spirit level; then screw it to the supports from below with self-tapping screws. Proceed in this way for the other shelves.

5) To assemble the clothes rails:
Assemble the various components of the rail holders as shown in the video, and then screw them to the struts. Then insert the tube.

6) To assemble the drawers:
Assemble the drawer following the same procedure used to assemble the shelves (see video). Furthermore, fix the upper supports on the top of the drawer.

7) To assemble the glass shelves:
After fixing the lower supports, insert the transparent plastic hole covers in the little holes. Then lay the shelf and fix it by screwing the upper supports (see video).

8) To assemble the pull-out trouser hanger and tie hanger:
Follow the same procedure used to assemble the shelves. Always check that the various accessories are straight with the help of a spirit level. (see video).


For the cleaning of the wardrobe and of the lacquered surfaces, we recommend you not to use strong or alcohol-based cleaning products, but just a soft, non-scratching cotton cloth.



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