A well-designed bedroom wardrobe brings a lot of comfort and pays off every day.

The point at which the new cupboard is set up should be measured accurately. This is particularly very important if the wardrobe is placed in a niche. Below we show how to take the correct measurements:

A niche is shown in the picture on the right. In your case, this can of course look different e.g. can be also larger. The arrows and letters mark the places you should measure:

A: Width of the niches at the bottom rear
B: Width of the niches in the lower front
C: Width of the niche at the top rear
D: Width of the niches at the top front
E: Height of the niche on the left rear
F: Height of the niches in the front left
G: height of the niches at the rear right
H: Height of the niches in the front right

Take the measure of every individual values

You should also measure the width at the top and bottom, but also at the back and front (A, B, C and D). The height of the niches should also be right and left, and measured at the back and front (E, F, G and H).

Consider the skirting

If there are skirting on the floor, then measure the dimensions from wall to wall, as if there were not them. Also send us the informations regarding the width and height of the skirting so that we can consider them correctly.

Photo of the niche

For security, please send us 1-2 photos of the niche. This enables us to ensure that there are no obstacles and that the wardrobe can be set up easily.


In summary, we need all the following informations:

  • The individual values A to H (see the picture)
  • If available: material, height and width of the skirting
  • At least 1-2 photos of the niche

Use our online configurator now to design your new dream wardrobe on measure!