Wardrobe made on measure, fitted wardrobe made on measure, wardrobe for sloping ceilings & knee wall attic

We have developed a cabinet system that is based on a perfect mix of modularity and individuality. In a kind of modular principle, a lot can be designed according to personal taste and the necessary requirements, so that you gain enormous influence on the design of your cabinet system.

  • The height up to 294 cm is always made on measure – the price does not change! With the cabinet height, 1 or 2 cm less than the room ceiling are required for the construction. On the one hand, a larger distance from the ceiling avoids the need to attach a closing panel at the top and on the other hand, creates the most visually elegant image. Attention: The height should be measured in several places in order to be able to indicate the lowest value. If you want to close the last centimetre yourself, which is required by the assembly, you can read HERE how to do it.
  • We offer two standard depths for the same price: 45 and 61 cm. But any other millimetre depth between 15 cm and 61 cm is also possible for an extra charge.
  • For the widths, on the other hand, we use a modular concept: starting from two door widths (45.4 cm and 52.4 cm), we build 5 module widths: 43.2 cm, 50.2 cm, 89 cm, 96 cm and 103 cm. Between one module and the next one also on the both outsides there are 2.5 cm thick cabinet side panel. By connecting these modules, we can offer 64 possible widths from 48.2 cm to 530 cm for your wardrobe made to measure. In a fitted wardrobe system, the remaining cavity is closed on the left and right with a side closing panel.

Our system enables an excellent quality – price ratio, as part of the manufacturing process is fully automated and the “manual” part of the processing to the individual height, the painting of the doors and outer panels (if these are visible) and, if required, the customer-specific cabinet depth is limited.

In attic wardrobe, the side panels must be cut at an angle according to the roof pitch. In order to adapt the cabinet for a sloping roof, we shorten the side panels and the back wall panel and cut the doors according to the inclination.

Use our online configurator now to design your new dream wardrobe on measure!


Walk-in wardrobe

We have a similar system for walk-in wardrobe:
The height up to 294 cm is always cut on measure without extra charge on the price.

In our “System A” for walk-in wardrobe, the height should be 1 or 2 cm less than the minimum ceiling height for optimal installation, but not more to achieve an elegant, visual effect. Please make sure to check the height in several places to use the lowest value.

In our “System B” for walk-in wardrobe we recommend subtracting 5 cm from the ceiling height to simplify installation, but also for a better visual effect.

  • We have equal depth for suspended shelves, drawers and shirt-organizer of 41 cm. Hanging clothes are about 50-55 cm deep. Therefore the bases of the “system A” of walk-in wardrobe are 55 cm deep. Finally, the drawer for walk-in wardrobe put on the base with 4 drawers are 51 cm deep: all dimensions have been thoughtfully designed to maximize the ergonomics of this type of walk-in wardrobe and practicality are in perfect harmony with each other.
  • The widths, on the other hand, use the unbeatable concept of the modular system:
  • We offer in the “system A” for walk-in wardrobe the length of 60 cm and 90 cm, to which the connection joints must be added (read more in the details of our configurator).
  • For the “system B” of the walk-in wardrobe, you choose from 60.7 cm, 90.7 cm and 120.7 cm, to which the metal supports of 1.6 cm in width must be added between the modules and at the ends in order to measure them to get the entire width.

These systems of walk-in wardrobe are so popular because they do not constrict the room and all items of clothing without shadow zones can be illuminated by the available natural light and other light sources in the room.

Thanks to their quality and modularity, they can also be dismantled at any time and adapted to the requirements of a different environment: that is, rearranged, expanded or reduced.

Try it yourself and plan your walk-in wardrobe HERE!

Use our online configurator now to design your new dream wardrobe on measure!