Made on measure cabinet, free-standing and according to your wishes – what does that mean?

Ein gut durchdachter Schlafzimmerschrank bringt viel Komfort mit sich und zahlt sich Tag für Tag aus.

A wardrobe made on measure by IDAW is primarily a quality cupboard specially produced for you with the external dimensions that you need and want: Made in Italy and ordered online, it has an excellent price-performance ratio. The word “free-standing” means that this wardrobe variant is standing against the wall with the rear wall, but does not necessarily have to be limited by a niche or walls on the side. The side panels of the cupboard are painted like the doors – if you have no other, express your wish.

But more on that later. The difference to the fitted wardrobe is that the free-standing wardrobe is not built like a wall cupboard with side cover panels, i.e. fitting covering side panels, in a niche or from wall to wall. It is free-standing, whereby you can also choose the mixed form: This is on one side in a niche or on a wall, but the other side of the cupboard points freely into the room.

Our modular system offers you countless easy possibilities: You choose the width, depth and height of your cupboard yourself and equip it with the accessories of your choice. There are hardly any wardrobes with a height of almost 3 meters on the market; we manufacture your bespoke wardrobe in height up to 294 cm but without a price change. This allows you to plan your closet up to the ceiling without any special effort. As a result, you get a pure, closed picture – as if from the planning spring of an interior designer – that conveys order and clarity.

In terms of depth, you can choose between two standard depths (61 cm and 45 cm) without a price difference, and we also offer you the custom-made wardrobe depth (maximum 61 cm). Please note: For the optimal clothes rail holder, the cabinet should have a depth of at least 52 cm and more. The quality of the wardrobe can be determined in many ways: Our cupboard side panels have a thickness of 25 mm, the shelves that you fix at the height that suits you are particularly stable with a thickness of 35 mm. A varnish like that of the fronts of our wardrobe is rarely found, and our delivery capacity can also be seen: Your custom-made wardrobe is usually with you within 3-4 weeks.

Use now our online configurator to design your new wardrobe on measure!


You have clear ideas about design and colour choice:

In fact, we can also offer you our made on measure wardrobe as a wardrobe of your choice: the first thing we notice is the colour. Our modern, Italian design is almost subordinate. Due to the smooth surfaces without visible plinth and cabinet lid and doors that extend across the entire wardrobe, our design is timelessly modern and reserved and almost puristic in most handle models. You determine the handle model and the colour yourself. We actually offer the painting of all colours of RAL at no extra cost – whether high-gloss or matt: You can choose from all RAL colours, Farrow & Ball and from NCS colours. IDAW goes even further: If you would like to have it made according to a colour sample that you are holding in your hands, this is also easy and possible for us: contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you how.

To give you suggestions, we invite you to browse through our colour gallery and view customer examples. Unfortunately, it is impossible to photographically to show hundreds of possible colours, but you will find numerous creative examples here: Our customers appreciate this added value. The ivory-coloured interior made of melamine looks stylish with a wood structure and harmonizes – with the doors open – with every exterior colour.

You have clear ideas about design and colour choice:

The priority for IDAW team was to set ourselves the task of realizing cabinet projects of quality and design in the simplest way. If you still have no clear ideas, we will help you: Most of the time it is our configurator that enables you to easily implement your wishes online on a single page. We harmonize your requirements (for example, your specifications regarding the storage space), your wishes (such as a very special colour that you won’t get anywhere else) and the existing conditions (such as the room height).

When looking for the right wardrobe for you, you may have come across guidelines that limit you and set limits that you cannot use when implementing your dream wardrobe project or furnishing your stylish surroundings. Our young, qualified team from IDAW will be happy to show you solutions for unusual tasks! We look forward to soon being able to count you among our satisfied customers thanks to our offer and exceptional customer service for online trading.

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