Work at the office: How do we optimally organize the office cabinet in our workplace?

A tidy office is the basis for the success of our work. Orderly office space helps us to develop ideas, to be creative as well as productive and to keep an overview of the things that have to be worked through. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to have at hand what we need at this very moment.

In order to increase the effectiveness and to cope at work with colleagues, we need an office cabinet. Choosing a cabinet for the documents means to consider various things into account:

  • How much space do we need and how much space do we have?
  • What folders and office filing systems do we use?
  • Which surface better suit for our work and our office?

Why an office cabinet made on measure?

In order to accommodate as many files as possible, it is advisable to be able to use the full wall height with a custom made on measure cabinet. At the top, files can be placed that only need to be kept for legal reasons, but which are almost never used. On the easily accessible, lower shelves, we keep what has to be taken often and is needed every day. An office cabinet, made on measure in width or a fitted wardrobe across an entire wall width uses the maximum space. Therefore allows the rest of the room and the other sides of the wall to be lighter and more free.

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How the office cabinet can be used: as an archive and for other purposes.

Die Wahl der Archivierungs-Ordner ist wichtig, um zu berechnen, wie viele Regale oder Einlegeböden wir benötigen. Offene Regale stauben zu, geschlossene Aktenschränke hinterlassen nicht nur ein sauberes und aufgeräumtes Gesamtbild, sondern nehmen auch Druck von uns: Die Papiermasse ist nicht sichtbar, und man hat nicht die ganze Zeit das Gefühl, dass noch viel erledigt werden muss. Die Berechnung der benötigten Regalböden ist einfach: (Schrankinnenraum / (Ordnerhöhe + Höhe der Regal- bzw. Einlegeböden + 2 cm Spielraum)) – 1 = Anzahl der benötigten Regalböden.

Use also affects the depth. The depth of 45 cm is ideal for a filing cabinet for office. In a cabinet, in which only a large number of files have to be stored, a depth of 60 cm has to be consider. It allows two rows of files and could be more reasonable.

In the office, we have to think of a cloakroom near the entrance, where employees and visitors can stow their jackets and coats. In addition, an ideal cabinet in the bathroom, is helpful for storing supplies of hygiene articles and cleaning agents.

When everything is in place, work is easier, more pleasant and more effective!

Which version is better suited for our office and work place?

It is important to choose between different surface designs and colours. A timeless white, for example, makes a wardrobe appear less bulky, but more lively, subtle colour conveys optimism and energy.

Cupboards in the distinctive colour of the company or a brand logo reinforce the sense of belonging of the employees and give customers and visitors a uniform, professional overall picture in the sense of corporate identity.


IDAW stands for Italian design and affordable wardrobe enables you to combine optimal quality with unbeatable prices when choosing an office cabinet. We offer wardrobe made on measure, fitted wardrobes and sideboards, the height of which can be made to order without changing the price. The robust shelves are 3.5 cm thick and can be positioned as required, depending on the height of the existing files.

For the same price, we offer the cabinet depth of 61 and 45 cm, and for a minimal surcharge, the depth is freely selectable and can be made on request. The many widths available make it possible to find the ideal solution for every room and niche.

The surfaces can be lacquered either matt or high-gloss, and any imaginable RAL colour is freely selectable at the same price. We manufacture our furniture in all shades of RAL, NCS or Farrow & Ball and are even able to manufacture according to colour samples, i.e. your company colour.

We also manufacture reception counters, tables and chairs that match the colour of the cabinets – can be lacquered in your company colour or any other colour of your choice!

Configuring an office cabinet has never been easier!

Our cabinet configurator works very simply: Everything can be done on a single page, and if the colour, cabinet width or handle needs to be changed, this can be done at any time during configuration.

Use our online configurator now to design your new dream wardrobe on measure !