The possibilities of our fitted wardrobes on measure are so diverse and universal that comparable solutions can hardly be found. Before we list the advantages of our answer, let’s take a look at what you should consider when buying a fitted cupboard.


There are many options for a fitted wardrobe that fits into the room like a closet; for example:

  • if we want to lock and use an entire wall width as in the bedroom, in the laundry room, in the corridor or entrance area
  • if there is a niche in the room
  • if we want to separate two rooms


Problems may arise in the following cases:

  • the depth of the niche is very small or is too much large
  • the wood beams or steel girders are crossing the room
  • a wall runs diagonally
  • the electricity or water meters, gas or measuring meters, struts or pipes, chimney access or measuring devices can interrupt a wall surface and usually raise the additional problem that access must be guaranteed
Fitted Wardrobe – matt lacquered RAL9003 with integrated handles



For all the reasons mentioned, we tend to trust only a carpenter, assess the situation on site and realize a perfect project by producing a complicated, customer-specific solution with custom-made panels. We have to take two things into account here: a craftsman rightly has high labor costs, so this version will be expensive, or else sacrifice material: as a rule, cupboards from carpenters can be found who have to use inferior material. Often there are wardrobes that do not have a rear wall, where the wardrobe covering top or the base has been dispensed with or whose side walls and shelves have to do with a white melamine with only 18 mm. Perhaps they have sliding doors that are nice to look at from the outside, but these cabinets are not of good quality: if you think about the fact that in these cabinets we store the things that we carry directly on our bodies every day (clothes and underwear, shoes and jewellery), or keeping folders with important documents in the office, you have to know that all these things do not tolerate moisture or dust and dirt that gets into cupboards that are not really well sealed. We believe that only truly extraordinary, custom-made wardrobes made of high-quality solid wood and of a certain exclusivity belong in the hands of a master carpenter.


Of course, you can also be satisfied with non-ideal, but very economical compromises that we find in mass furniture stores, at the large retailers or in the Internet. That means losing side space or upstairs, which looks not ideal and reduces storage space. In addition, a lot of dust accumulates on the cupboard, and regular cleaning is now also necessary inside and outside the wardrobe. In a way, this is the only solution if the goal is to keep costs to a minimum. But be careful: this choice can turn out to be a boomerang. These wardrobes have a much shorter lifespan, also because they are designed with the intention of being assembled only once. It is simply not possible to dismantle and reassemble them, as they become unusable and cannot be reassembled. This means that the purchase is required again without having a valuable cupboard, just a cheap solution at the moment. In terms of the environment and nature, this solution, which ultimately supports a throwaway society, remains questionable.

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How deep is our fitted wardrobe? 60 cm? 50 cm? 45 cm? 30 cm? The depth available is important because it determines the possible accessories that can be used. The ideal would be to have no restrictions with this choice. For example, in the master bedroom it would be optimal to have at least 60 cm in depth to have enough space to hang clothes in the closet and spacious drawers. In the case of a bathroom cupboard, on the other hand, the depth of 45 cm is absolutely sufficient for a fitted wardrobe, since only towels, cosmetics, possibly cleaning agents, etc. are deposited there, which can easily be stored on the shelves. But other solutions are also needed: the cladding of the washing machine within a built-in cupboard requires a 70 cm deep cupboard so that there is space for the washing machine as well as pipes and supply lines. In a hallway or corridor, on the other hand, the width of the aisle determines the available space. If the corridor is spacious, we recommend a depth of 60 cm. However, this is rarely the case and a corridor is usually rather narrow, which means that a cupboard with a depth of 45 cm, or even better 30 cm, would be ideal to take advantage of the last corner of the space. Sometimes 30 cm is perfect to realize a shoe wardrobe in full height. For an office cupboard, on the other hand, a depth of 45 cm has proven to be the perfect measure for storing folders, books and work materials: the height between the individual shelves is 35 cm, which is ideal for our fitted wardrobes.

Wardrobe on Measure - matt lacquered RAL 9003 with integrated handles and depth on measure


The choice of COLOURS is a very important one! Choosing the surface finish with wood means selecting all other furniture in wood look or solid wood for a uniform picture, or buying everything together. It is more than difficult to find the same wood effect or solid wood in the same version if you want to buy this furniture at different times and in different places. The result is that aesthetics and optics leave something to be desired and the appearance of a newly furnished room can be spoiled. In this case, we recommend picking up the dark, contrasting wood tone and combining classic surfaces with modern ones without mixing them together. Painting is the other option, which may even look more elegant and timeless. Lacquered wood not only goes well with wood, it also gives it a modern touch but warm overall effect. With a wardrobe white high gloss or a matt lacquered cupboard in signal white, the RAL colour code 9003, you are just as sure as with the classic, eggshell-coloured pearl white (RAL 9013). If, on the other hand, you prefer a stronger shade in metallic paint or, for example, the gray of RAL 7047, you can be sure that the result will be fantastic. A modern wardrobe it is also a perfect solution in an old ambience.

Wardrobe on Measure - matt lacquered RAL1011, RAL1014 and RAL1015 with chromed handles


Sometimes there are obstacles that can make it difficult to install a niche fitted wardrobe. Thanks to our expertise, we will give you simple and elegant solutions.
If, for example, in the room there is a wooden pillar or a beam, we try to adapt the installation to the dimensions by also reducing the height or depth if necessary. It is often enough to modify a single element to adapt the installation.
Another problem that can be turned into an advantage is the slope wardrobe. These cupboard can be very advantageous for the aesthetics and the use of space in a room.
We can use the space behind to store brooms and vacuums or boxes.
From time to time, access to pipes or cables hidden behind or next to the dressing room must be guaranteed for maintenance work. There are usually several solutions, and the best of them are those that reconcile beauty and order inside and outside the cupboard.

Roof Pitched Wardrobe - lacquered RAL9003 with integrated handle

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Our fitted wardrobe have many advantages and are unique in the international market: our brand combines two fundamental requirements for our customers: quality and cost.
Comfort and very advantageous price meet the knowledge, expertise and meticulous work of our craftsmen. The production of large quantities reduces the costs of supplying raw materials, machining panels that need to be cut to size and lacquering. All of it makes it possible to manufacture a fitted wardrobe that is individually tailored to your niche.

Wardrobe on Measure - matt lacquered RAL1019 with integrated handles


According to us, any kind of wardrobe has to provide an idea of order and elegance. The 25 mm-thick side panels and the 35 mm-thick shelves are valid proofs of our high quality and long-term stability.
Thanks to our module system, which allows an easy transport, the wardrobe can be later diassembled and effortlessly reassembled somewhere else. The doors can be lacquered in any colour you wish without any surcharge – it does not matter if you are looking for a RAL, CNS or Farrow&Ball colour, or even the colour of your favorite T-shirt! Our fitted wardrobes can be almost 3 meters high (max. 294 cm); but be careful: the wardrobe height must be at least 1 cm less than the measured room height, in order to assemble it without problems. The final aesthetic result is wonderful, and no precious space gets wasted!
Thanks to our wide range of possibilities for modules and closing fillers, we can create fitted wardrobes of any width. To install closing filler on the left or right side of the wardrobe, it is necessary to leave a maximum of 5 cm and a minimun of 2 cm empty space, in order to obtain an elegant harmonious effect. The fillers will be lacquered just like the doors and must be assembled with the doors for a perfect close (see video).
Upon request, we can also cut the shape of the baseboard on the fillers. Please give us the measures for the weight and width (depth) of the baseboard in the comment following the order. Besides the already cut closing fillers, we can alternatively send you a big lacquered panel, which can be later cut by a craftsman onsite. The advantage is that you can easily get over any small irregularity, like if the walls are not perfectly straight. A breif note to us is enough.
We propose two standard depths: we realize your wardrobe with a depth of 45 or 61 cm at the same price, but it is possible to request a depth on measure with a slight surcharge too. Throughout our online configurator, you can order a wardrobe with a depth from 15 to 61 cm. Lastly, you only have to let us know if there are particular conditions, and we will give you any advice you might need. You only have to let us know the measures of the available space and to send us a sketch with the measures or some photos.
We create a fitted wardrobe that can perfectly adjust to any needs you might have.

Wardrobe on Measure with TV and chest of drawer - white and lila lacquered


Our wardrobes can be assembled by our IDAW assembly team, or you can easily do it by yourself. In this video, you can see all the phases which arenecessary for a correct assembly. Take a look and decide whether you can do it or not. In case you have any doubt, you can consult us and we will be pleased to advice you at best.
To anyone who thinks that sliding door is the only possibility he/she has, we can guarantee that swing or folding doors have many advantages. Swing and folding doors embellish the room without weighing it down.
The various proposals for handles and door finishing will help you in the planning stage: creating your own personal wardrobe will not be difficult with IDAW!

Use our online configurator now to customize your new wardrobe!