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Wardrobe types

What is a fitted wardrobe?2020-02-25T09:03:20+00:00

A fitted wardrobe is a cupboard that can be installed in a wall niche. But it can also fill an entire room width. In any case, there are walls to the right and left of the fitted cupboard. As a rule, closing panels are mounted on the right and left in a plane with the doors, so that the niche is completely filled.

What is a freestanding wardrobe?2019-12-18T10:08:58+00:00

A freestanding wardrobe does not need a niche, but is – as the name implies – free, behind the back is a wall. Not only we deliver lacquered doors but also lacquered side panels.

What should I choose when the wardrobe is in the corner?2020-02-25T09:05:32+00:00

In this case, the freestanding wardrobe is a good solution. You just push him into the corner. Upon request, we can also provide a mixed solution of free-standing wardrobe and fitted wardrobe. The free/visible cupboard side panel is then lacquered and the side in the corner receives a closing panel. If you want this solution, please contact us by e-mail at info@idaw.eu.

What should I choose if the wardrobe need to be as a room divider?2020-02-25T09:06:26+00:00

In this case you need a freestanding wardrobe and additionally a lacquered panel behind it. Just contact us by e-mail at info@idaw.eu.

What is a walk-in wardrobe?2019-12-18T10:02:39+00:00

A walk-in wardrobe is an open, luxurious looking closet system. We offer two systems that differ in their design. In the configurator you will find some compilations in all possible widths, which you can customize and complete with additional accessories.

Can I get the sample of the wardrobe?2020-02-13T11:36:26+00:00

Take a look at our example videos which gives you a very good impression of the quality of our cabinets. However if you steel need to have a sample of the structure (laminated – ivory colour), we can send you this for a processing fee of 15 € (including shipping costs). For the lacquered doors, we usually do not offer any patterns, as every imaginable colour can be chosen individually and mixed. However, furniture stores and hardware stores have RAL colour palettes that allow you to choose your favourite colour.

Is there a mix of walk-in wardrobe with doors?2019-12-18T08:12:08+00:00

Yes, that does indeed exist: With the glass door cupboard “Open”. We offer a solution which, on the one hand, takes up many advantages of the walk-in wardrobe. Thanks to glass doors and side panels the daylight can pass through the entire storage space and create an open, non-constricting room image, while integrating the benefits of doors in this cupboard system.

Are there also corner wardrobes?2019-12-18T09:59:06+00:00

Yes. Corner cupboards are ideal if there is enough space. This is usually the case from 2 meters per wall unit. We offer different solutions in the design of our fitted or freestanding wardrobes. Please contact us by e-mail at info@idaw.eu.

Dimensions of the cupboard and the room

How to take the measure correctly?2020-02-13T10:05:03+00:00
In which widths are there available wardrobes?2020-02-13T11:25:30+00:00

We can deliver the cabinet from 48 cm in all widths. In the configurator you can choose from different widths or specify the exact niche width. If you also want special dimensions, please contact us by e-mail to info@idaw.eu.

Do I have to deduct safety distances and tolerances?2020-02-13T11:11:00+00:00

No, you don’t. Please let us know the exact room height or the exact niche dimensions. Then we plan the wardrobe a little smaller (usually about 1 cm less high) so that it can be easily set up or inserted into the niche. On the other hand the width of the fitted wardrobe is already calculated with tolerance to built the wardrobe easily and to close it finally with the closing panels.

Do I have to subtract the width of skirting boards?2020-02-13T11:09:18+00:00

Preferably not, just measure from wall to wall, as if there were no skirting boards. Therefor please tell us separately or in the comments for order the dimensions of the skirting boards.

How wide are the wardrobe side panels – the structure?2020-02-13T10:27:22+00:00

The terminal wardrobe sides as also the side panels of our wardrobes are 25 mm thick.

Configuration, accessories and design options

Can I really order the wardrobe in any colour?2020-02-13T11:02:41+00:00

Yes, you can. Choose a colour or simply enter the desired RAL colour code in the place provided below. You can view a RAL colour palette in furniture stores and hardware stores – or simply order them online.

Are there any front drawers?2020-02-13T11:01:37+00:00

Unfortunately not, but exist drawers inside the wardrobe: We offer double and triple drawer modules. Look at our accessories.

I would like to order a wardrobe, in a different colour as shown from the list e.g. Farrow & Ball or NCS Colours.2020-02-13T10:43:37+00:00

In the configuration we show RAL colour examples. To answer our customer need we created an option and possibility to choose the other colours like Farrow & Ball or NCS colours. Just click on the box with the colour fan and write in the field, which will open, your chosen colour. However in our offer you can find some NCS or Farrow & Ball most requested ordered colours.

Is the interior available only in ivory or also other colours?2020-02-13T10:37:34+00:00

The interior of the wardrobe is only available in the laminated, ivory-colored version.

Are the mirror doors also available in a grey tinted mirror?2020-02-13T10:34:24+00:00

Yes, they are. The mirror doors you can also order in a grey tinted mirror. These cost 50,- € more per door than the normal mirror doors. Please select the regular mirrored doors and note your request in the comment field. To pay the difference, select the bank transfer for the entire order – or if chosen other payment, the additional amount must be payed by the bank transfer.

How do I order a mix of fitted wardrobe and freestanding wardrobe?2020-02-13T10:29:42+00:00

For the configuration select a fitted wardrobe, one side is attached to the wall (e.g. in the “half-niche”). Write a simple comment in the comments field of the order with the information, which side must be lacquered, and which side as a fitted wardrobe (the side cover panel will be provided) is to be produced. The price does not change.

Is there also a possibility of ordering the closing panel for above the wardrobe?2020-02-13T10:15:33+00:00

Yes, there is. However, we recommend for optical reasons, to plan the cabinet up to 1 cm below the ceiling and leave this minimal gap open. Anyone wishing to close this narrow gap can use the joint sealer available in every hardware store, preferably in white or the ceiling color.
Of course, it is also possible to order a closing panel as an option, for example, if your room is higher than 295 cm, you have a very crooked ceiling, lamps are very close to the cabinet or you simply look for aesthetic reasons and need horizontal closing panel. To order it, just note your request in the comment field of the order form and write us the desired height of this panel and the lenght or the dimensions of the niche. In this case, we ask you of the additional cost of 120 euro for the closing bar.

Can I order additional panels in the same colour as wardrobe (or other colour) e.g. to close up the wardrobe?2020-02-13T10:10:01+00:00

Yes you can. Please contact us by email or write down your request in the comment field of the order form.

What height do I have to specify in the configuration?2020-02-13T10:07:57+00:00

In the configurator of the fitted wardrobe we ask for the indication of the niche height. For a freestanding cupboard made on measure we ask for information on how high the cabinet should be made: This must always be at least 1 cm less than the ceiling height of the room. Otherwise, the cabinet could not be built.

What width do I have to specify for a fitted wardrobe?2019-12-18T08:40:25+00:00

Please let us know the available width without deduction. Only if baseboards are present or if they are not able to be removed, we must know their dimensions. It is also helpful if you send us a photo by email in parallel with your order.

Can I also order a cabinet with only a few mirror doors?2020-03-24T17:03:51+00:00

With a cabinet height of up to 262 cm you can either have all or only a few mirrors made. You can select individual mirrored doors by first selecting the door handle model for the other doors. Then you will find the input field for the mirror doors in the configuration with the wording: “If you only want individual mirror doors, click here and enter the number and position.”

Can an order already placed be changed or supplemented?2020-03-24T17:02:14+00:00

If we have not yet passed the order on to production, a change or addition is usually still possible. Please contact us as soon as possible. If we have already started to produce, a change is no longer possible, but an addition may still be possible.

Can I buy additional clothes rails?2020-03-24T17:00:23+00:00

We supply two clothes rails and one shelf per wardrobe module, but if you need more, you can buy more clothes rails on request. Write us in the comments field.

Will the drawer module be delivered with top and bottom or do I have to order it as an accessory?2020-02-13T09:53:46+00:00

We always deliver the drawer module completely, that means, that we provide a shelf for closing up. You place the module drawer on the cabinet base. However, if you want to mount it further up, you have to order one shelf from the accessories, on which you can install the drawer module at the position you want.

What are the inside dimensions of the drawers?2020-03-24T16:59:05+00:00

The internal drawer dimensions for the 89 cm wide modules (with a cabinet depth of 61 cm) are: internal width approx. 72 cm, depth approx. 42.5 cm, height approx. 9.5 cm or front drawer approx. 12 , 8 cm.
The inner dimensions of the 96 cm wide modules are approx. 79 cm x approx. 42.5 cm x approx. 9.5 or approx. 12.8 cm.
The internal dimensions of the 103 cm wide modules are: approx. 86 cm x approx. 42.5 cm x approx. 9.5 or approx. 12.8 cm.
For a narrow cabinet module with a width of 43.2 cm, the inside dimensions of the drawer are: approx. 26.2 cm x approx. 42.5 cm x approx. 9.5 or approx. 12.8 cm.
For a narrow cabinet module with a width of 50.1 cm, the inside dimensions of the drawer are: approx. 33.1 cm x approx. 42.5 cm x approx. 9.5 or approx. 12.8 cm.

What is the usable area of the pull-out shelves?2020-03-24T16:57:39+00:00

The internal dimensions of the pull-out shelves for an 89 cm module are: width approx. 79.6 cm, depth approx. 46.9 cm
The internal dimensions of the pull-out shelves for a 96 cm module are: width approx. 86.6 cm, depth approx. 46.9 cm
The internal dimensions of the pull-out shelves for a 103 cm module are: width approx. 93.6 cm, depth approx. 46.9 cm
For a narrow cabinet module with a width of 43.2 cm, the inside dimensions of the drawer are: width approx. 33.8 cm x depth approx. 46.9 cm
For a narrow cabinet module with a width of 50.1 cm, the inside dimensions of the drawer are: width approx. 40.7 cm x depth approx. 46.9 cm

For your perfect sloping wardrobe: how do you measure correctly?2020-04-02T10:44:38+00:00

Ordering a sloping roof cabinet online from IDAW is very simple: we will help you measure it with our step-by-step instructions. If you still do not understand something and would like to speak to us, you can of course contact us during office hours by phone or via our chat.

  1. Measure the width over which your sloping cupboard should extend.
  2. Look at the depth that your closet can have: 61 cm or 45 cm are standard, but you can also order a depth to measure.
  3. For the slope, you proceed as follows: every meter of the cabinet width you measure the height to the roof slope, in front (where the cabinet doors will be) and in the back (where your cabinet back will stand): this enables us to calculate the roof pitch for your custom cabinet.
  4. At the end we ask you to take a very straight rod (e.g. a long aluminum cutting ruler, an iron or wooden rod or similar) and stop at the sloping roof: is the sloping roof straight or does the roof have one “Belly”?

We use this information to plan your new storage space miracle 🙂

Assembly and construction

Should the skirting boards has to be removed?2020-02-13T11:00:11+00:00

Not necessarily: the side closing panels which goes on the left and right side of the wardrobe are painted in the color of the door and mounted at the door level. These closing panels can be adapted to skirting boards. However without them, the structure of fitted wardrobe is slightly easier to build, because you do not need to cut the dimensions of the skirting boards from the panels. The space available with or without skirting boards does not significantly affect.

How is the fitted wardrobe fitted exactly?2020-02-13T10:49:21+00:00

We offer two options for this:

  1. We deliver closing panels that are exactly tailored to your specifications. However, here it can be that due to small measuring errors, tolerances or sloping walls, not everything is exactly flush. Small gaps usually do not disturb or can be compensated with an acrylic joint.
  2. Alternatively, we can send you a panel, a large strip (from 45.4 cm), from which you or a person commissioned by you can cut the panels accurately. This has the advantage that you can first mount the wardrobe and then the width of the panels is again measured exactly. This gives a more aesthetically pleasing result. You need a suitable saw for this. Specialists and carpenters but also home craftsmen usually have the opportunity to do this work very professionally.

In our instructions you can see how the panels are installed. You can find this video here.

Is the building up or the transport up to the apartment included in the price?2020-02-13T10:46:41+00:00

In the price it is included the delivery “on the street” to the point of use. This means that there are no additional delivery costs, so delivery is free of charge. However, the driver of the truck is not obliged to carry the delivery into the house or in the apartment. Since our cabinets are robust and heavy versions, two physically fit people should accept the delivery and bring it into the house or appartement. Installation is not included, but can be booked. You can make a preliminary calculation of the assembly costs here.

What to consider when installing the leveling feet on the fitted wardrobe?2020-02-13T09:50:44+00:00

The last side panel of the wardrobe on the right side has the pre-drilled holes for the feets but at the point that would only allow the feet to be fitted outside the cupboard. Therefore the pilot holes have to be changed. To do this, enlarge the existing pilot hole with a 9 mm drill head – so that it can also be reached from the “inside direction” – and fix the feet on the left and towards the inside of the wardrobe.

How does the normal delivery process work?2020-04-07T12:35:37+00:00

We will inform you on the Saturday before the delivery week with an email about the scope of delivery and the planned delivery day. You will be contacted by our furniture shipping company in good time before the delivery, who will arrange a time slot with you for the delivery.

Can I set a fixed date for delivery when ordering?2020-04-10T14:02:54+00:00

Unfortunately not. Our deliveries require a certain flexibility and an agreed time window. Contact us by email to clarify other options.