Attention: the supplied wall plugs are only suitable for brick or concrete walls. You should buy suitable wall plugs for other types of wall (e.g. drywall)!

For practical and safety reasons, please note the following:
It will be necessary to pay maximum attention to the various assembly phases, carrying out the necessary operations only in completely safe conditions to avoid damage to people or things. The components of our wardrobes have large dimensions and a significant weight, and consequently assembly can be extremely complicated or even not possible for some people. In any case, assembly cannot be carried out by a single person.
IDAW cannot be held responsible for any damage caused after delivery or during assembly. Once the goods have been unloaded and received, their care is responsibility of the customer. Before proceeding with the installation, it will be the customer`s duty to collect all useful information for assembly using the videos and assembly instructions provided by IDAW. We also remind you that during the installation phase all the regulations in force for the respective countries in terms of safety must be respected. It will therefore be necessary to use all the necessary personal protective equipment in order to guarantee a safe assembly. Before proceeding with assembly, the customer must also check that all the components necessary for assembly are present and that the items are correct in order to proceed with the various assembly phases without interruptions. If the customer identifies any missing items (e.g. hardware components), he/she can send an email to in order to request the items in question which will be supplied as quickly as possible.
Any unauthorized modification made to the wardrobe structure and its components or any improper use of the product will automatically void the product warranty as our cabinets must be installed following the instructions provided and respecting their normal working and use. IDAW cannot be held responsible for damages deriving from improper use or modifications made to the product.

The drawer boxes (with 2 or 3 drawers), the chest of drawers, the bedside table and the 7-drawers chest of drawers are delivered to the customer already assembled. The customer must not disassemble the drawers in any way, but will simply have to follow the assembly instructions.

For what concerns the LED light: 
We remind you that you must always have some space for the transformer and for the passage of cables. The transformer is usually placed on top of the shelf.
Before fixing the shelves, electrify the racks: A cable must be inserted on each rack, alternating clockwise a positive and a negative pole. That is, at the end of the assembly you will have an electrified rack with a red cable, one with a black cable, one with a red cable, one with a black cable, and so on.

Now proceed with the shelves: Mount the integrated LED light by bringing out the red wire towards the side where the rack is electrified with the red cable; on the other side, pull out the black wire. This side of the shelf will be fixed to the electrified rack with black cable.


The principle of the walk-in closet on a free wall is the following: It is necessary to always have an ending profile on the left as well as on the right and a joining element between two panels. The drawing shows the option for a corner (available on request).

  1. The various wall elements must be assembled in the same direction (that means, from bottom to top – or vice versa – the elements must point in the same direction), so that the shelf supports can be correctly attached and the shelves can be later mounted horizontally.
  2. If you want to place your walk-in closet as close as possible to a wall, start from the desidered side of the wall, e.g. Left if the wall is on the left.
    Screw the end rack on the wall. Make sure that there is enough space left from the corner wall, in order to clip in the end profile. (video)
  3. Now insert the panel. (video)
  4. Then screw the joining rack to the wall. (video)
  5. Repeat the same procedure for the other panels and elements, until you get to the other end rack.
  6. Shelves (video): install the shelves with the supplied shelf supports.
    There are three types of shelf brackets: left, right and central. If the shelves are aligned with one another, position the central bracket between two shelves. For the corner shelves, use three brackets: one on the left side of the shelf, one on the right side, and one on the corner.
    Hanging drawer modules (video): install the drawer modules in the same way as the shelves. You will receive two reinforcing metal angles for each drawer module; with these angles, you can fasten the drawer module to the panel.
    To mount the brackets, first remove the drawers from the drawer module. To remove the drawers, open them and remove the block (a little white plastic tongue under the drawer). Attach the drawer module to the brackets on the top left and right corners of the drawer module and also to the panel behind it, by screwing through the back of the drawer module.

For the cleaning of the wardrobe and of the lacquered surfaces, we recommend you not to use strong or alcohol-based cleaning products, but just a soft, non-scratching cotton cloth.

We wish you to: